Older Adult Care Providers

Older Adults are particularly sedentary and do the least amount of Physical activity however their recommended guidelines are the same as for all adults.

Physical Activity Area network meetings are held for anyone who works or looks after older Adults in a professional capacity with the objective of sharing best practices, creating a support network and develop monthly training and events that can help support care providers to encourage their service users to be as activity as possible?

Current Programme of Events:           ***new timetable coming soon***

Strength & Balance:                                

Chi Gong Workshop:                               

Making Physical Activity Fun:

Walking Challenge Month:         

Seated Exercise Course:                         

Dance/Moving About Workshop:           

Body Boosting Bingo:               

Please contact Ann Kerr (ann.kerr@fife.gov.uk) or Fiona Ashton-Jones (fiona.ashtonjones@fife.gov.uk) for more information or to book a space.