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Active Families – GET MOVING February mid-term!

During the February mid-term break we want to encourage EVERYONE to get out and keep active! Our Active Families pack will do just that! With daily FUN activities for everyone, looking after your physical and mental wellbeing.

Active Families – GET MOVING this mid-term Activity Pack


Active Families – Fife Pilgrims Way Challenge 2021!

During lockdown we want everyone to get out and keep active ‚Äď We are challenging families across Fife to ‚Äėvirtually‚Äô travel Fife‚Äôs 70 mile long ‚ÄúPilgrims Way‚ÄĚ as part of your daily exercise.

EVERYONE in your household can take part

The aim is to walk every day at a pace that suits you

Can be walked or wheeled! (e.g.wheel chairs, buggies, walking frames, scooters or bikes!)

This can be done on local paths, around your local park or in your garden

You can use pedometers, walking apps, fitbits or smart watches to count your steps

You can do this as an individual or get together with your household or remotely with your friends/work colleagues and complete this as a team challenge, splitting the distance between you.

Keep track of your progress using our printable map and colour in the footsteps to see how far you can get. Click on the link below to download/print a copy of the wall chart.

Active Families – Fife Pilgrims Way Challenge Wall Chart

Fife Pilgrim Way

Community Sports Hubs – Children’s Activity Packs

Community Sports Hub workbooks aimed at Primary school age (5-11yrs) which comprises language, maths, problems solving, creativity, wellbeing and even cooking challenges – all in a sporting context. Each week will have a different sporting theme. Please click on the links below to download your copy

Week 1 Tennis theme activity workbook

Tennis workbook answers

Week 2 Squash theme activity workbook

Squash workbook answers

Week 3 Hockey theme activity workbook

Hockey workbook answers

Week 4 Rugby theme activity workbook

Rugby workbook answers

Week 5 Table Tennis theme activity workbook

Table Tennis workbook answers

Week 6 Cricket theme activity workbook

Week 7 Gymnastics theme activity workbook


Our SportsSTARS coaches have prepared some home activities for all our participates during this pandemic. It is important to exercise once a day. We hope you have fun and stay safe.



Chloe РBadminton РWeek 1                    chloe Рbadminton- week 2                                    Chloe РBadminton- week 3



John РHandball РWeek 1                         chloe РBasketball- Week 1                                        Chloe РBasketball РWeek 2






Chloe – Basketball – Week 3


Tony РHandball РWeek 1                  Tony Рhandball РWeek 2                                        Tony РHandball РWeek 3

Gareth- Handball Рweek 1                                        Gareth РHandball Рweek 2

Gareth РHandball РWeek 3                                    Gareth -Handball РWeek 4

Leah РHandball РWeek 1                       Leah РHandball РWeek 2


Rachel РNetball РWeek 1                                                      Rachel РNetball РWeek 2

Rachel – Netball – Week 3


Rachel РP1-3 trysport РWeek 1                                           Rachel РTrypsport РWeek 1

Some great home activities from Youth Sports TrustHome Activities

Take a break to move ‚Äď and feel better – Check out our Active Fife YouTube channel, and try the exercises as many times as you like. Aim for something at least once a day ‚Äď if it helps add an appointment to your diary. Each session is around 15 minutes.

Mobility & stretching https://youtu.be/RoU2kprctLA

Try these stretch exercises to help reduce your sedentary behaviour and ease off any stiffness and tight muscles.

Strength & balance https://youtu.be/7ySGsFXTDH8

These simple strength and balance exercises will help improve your muscle tone and balance making it easier to do daily activities and help prevent falls.

Gentle aerobics https://youtu.be/lBTz1_ZE8fE

Suitable for beginners. Aerobic exercises can reduce the risk of many conditions including Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, strokes and even cancer.

Tai chi ‚Äď mindfulness¬†https://youtu.be/Yi6M_iCx_ok

Reduce stress and anxiety as well as improve your flexibility and balance.

Benefits of walking https://youtu.be/8xxvoirW_qM

Find out why a 10 minute walk every day will help improve your mental health, your fitness levels as well as improve your concentration.