Duration: 14 hours  Time: 9.00am – 4.00pm Age: 13+  Cost: £20 Date : Wednesday 12th & Thursday 13th February

The I Can Lead Award is an introduction to leadership that will give learners the knowledge and skills to assist in leading basic sports/activity sessions under direct supervision. The award is ideal for those who are looking to support sports sessions in clubs or schools. Participants will need to complete 5 hours leadership experience before certification.


Positive Behaviour Management in Sport

Duration: 3 hours  Age: 16+  Cost: £25 Time: 6.00pm – 9.00pm

Coaching children and young people can be a very rewarding experience. However there will be times when the behaviours of some young participants will leave you feeling confused, frustrated and deskilled!
This workshop will help you to work out why unwanted behaviours occur, how to respond to the challenges as they crop up and how to prevent these from happening again and again. Identifying what creates a positive coaching environment and taking actions that will encourage the types of behaviour you want is the key to successful behaviour management.

The workshop will cover:

    • Setting the scene and getting the basics right
    • Possible reasons why unwanted behaviours occur
    • Positive behaviour management
    • Creating a culture of self-regulation
    • Techniques for responding to inappropriate behaviour
    • Scenarios



For further information please contact Sports Development on 01383 602393 or via email on SportsDevelopment.Enquiries@fife.gov.uk